Before your arrival:

Weather & Clothes

Summer in Poland is very warm. The average temperature in June/July is 25 Celsius degree so you should definitely take light  clothes with you. However, to be on the safe side, take also some clothes for rainy and cold weather.

Unfortunately, there is no possibility to do the laundry at the university campus. The laundry is situated 500m from the campus, in a shopping mall, however please have in mind that there is no possibility to clean the underwear. Anyway, taking clothes that will be enough for two weeks of a summer school is a good idea.

University of Economy has a well-developed sports infrastructure. There is a modern sport hall with gym and other sports facilities. Please remember to take some sport clothes with you.

What to take?

Things that can be useful:
•    A laptop - during workshops you will be obliged to prepare presentations, articles etc. That is why laptop may be indispensable.
•    A notebook charger - do not forget to pack it! Electricity in Poland is 230 V, alternating at 50 cycles per second. Outlets in Poland generally accept 1 type of plug:

•    A digital camera - surely it will be useful during realizing projects within your Summer School
•    A notebook and a pencil/pen - to write down some notes.
•    Positive attitude and openness- you are going to spend 2 weeks with people from different countries and cultures. If you want to make some new friends, you will need a big smile and positive attitude to life :)


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